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Matt Ritter - UnBurying The Beater - UBTB01 Shoot 5Here in NY, I have given bass drum technique lessons to students of all levels, ranging from complete beginners to one of the world’s most famous drumming icons. With today’s technology, I can now offer similar assistance to drummers anywhere on the planet!

If you have my DVD and would like to go even further by studying with me directly, we can arrange a live video lesson via Skype! I’ll watch you play the bass drum, and we will work together “face to face” on our computers to improve your technique. The charge for a long distance lesson is $110 USD for one hour, prepaid through PayPal.

If you are interested in a long distance lesson as described above, or if you simply have comments about my DVD, please contact me at:

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For your convenience, you can also use the message form provided on this page. In either case, I will promptly get back to you so that we can take your bass drum skills to the highest level possible!

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